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Carolyn Westbrook: A Romance with French Living: For French-Inspired Living and Romantic Entertaining
Skillfully partnered vintage finds and fabrics create French-style elegance and comfort. A Romance with French Living provides a glimpse into Carolyn Westbrook's world, where treasured antiques and vintage finds, perfectly faded fabrics and timeworn furniture blend, seemingly effortlessly, in superb interiors that are both relaxing and chic, inspired by French style.
Carolyn Westbrook: Through the French Door
Carolyn is known for her love of French design, and here she shares her romance with beautiful and inspiring interiors. Here she invites us into her own home, a 1800s plantation house. The decor changes regularly - walls are given a dramatic facelift with a new colour, furniture bought for her business becomes too precious to be sold on, newly discovered accessories are layered in with existing treasures. Nothing stays the same for long, and Through The French Door reveals the latest incarnation of this wonderful family home.
Carolyn Westbrook: The French Inspired Home
Carolyn Westbrook prides herself on these French-inspired interiors that are classic and timeless but never stuffy. These interiors are not about the latest trends, but meant to inspire longevity and a true romance with your own home. The French have mastered the art of this time-worn yet sophisticated style of living, and you too will fall in love with the colours, the textures and the inspiration that is truly French.
Carolyn Westbrook: The French Inspired Home was chosen for the Publisher's Weekly list.
Carolyn Westbrook Home
Using her own beautiful home as an example, popular designer Carolyn Westbrook—a home designer who specializes in slipcovers, lamps and fabrics—reveals how to create a home that reflects the spirit of those who live there. Page after page of breathtaking photographs carry you into her world, and offer a glimpse inside the residence Carolyn renovated in gracious Southern style. Her decorating tricks will work anywhere, and can change the entire look of a room quickly, easily, and affordably. Westbrook’s creativity will draw readers in and help them transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Where Women Create
More than twenty creative superstars, including Carolyn Westbrook, come together to help inspire by inviting readers into their work spaces. Carolyn's work space was featured on the cover of this particular volume of the publication.
Vintage Vavoom: Romantic Decorating with One-of-a-Kind Finds
Carolyn Westbrook was one of the editors of Romantic Homes magazine when they decided to show their readers how to add a little "Vintage Vavoom" to their homes. What is “Vintage Vavoom,” exactly? It is the items you love—many steeped in nostalgia—effortlessly combined with a fresh, modern sensibility.
Yet while the rules are loose, Vintage Vavoom is not about clutter or haphazard mismatching. Instead, seemingly disparate items are pulled together by an underlying motif—a punctuating color, a themed collection, or an era—that will subtly keep a room in check, even as you add personal flourishes throughout.

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